20 Nov 2010

Golden Nuggets

Today I’ve found a couple of ‘Golden Nuggets’ that I’d like to share. The first is that I’ve just seen that author Nick Hornby is setting up a writing school for kids. How good is that? The school is accessed through a secret doorway at the rear of a Dickensian style shop selling all things Harry Potterish; you know jars of human snot and that sort of thing. Check out the story here.

The second nugget I want to share is regarding those interested in making movies. I found out that Amazon Studios in conjunction with Warner Bros are holding competitions for budding screenwriters.  Check this out here.



  1. I don't believe in writing schools and never will. They will, generally speaking produce assembly line writers, like we see way too much of today.

  2. Well I really enjoyed Nick Hornby's books but I guess I'm too old to join the school. I like the idea of someone teaching 'writing'. It's a skill we are in danger of losing along wiv speakin n all that. Nice to meet you. I've hopped by via Burciko's blog hop and am your latest Twitter follower.

  3. Hi, Thanks for calling by and contributing and for following. By the way you have an interesting slant on your blog and I´m now following.

    Speak again sometime.


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