29 Apr 2011

Freddie Fuggins Comes Alive is now published & available on Kindle

Freddie Fuggins Comes Alive is published and available on Amazon Kindle

Story outline:

Freddie Fuggins is a thoroughly practiced and popular teacher whose life is full of routine, until early one morning he enters his classroom and hears a voice. Putting the experience down to overwork or his winter ailment he quickly dismisses the ghostly young voice, but it persists. Succumbing to his new found friend Freddie embarks upon a journey of enlightenment and delight that challenges his values, professionalism and way of life; a journey after which Freddie will never be the same.

Watch this space and I’ll keep you posted, oh and don’t forget to tell all of your friends too!

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Here are links for Amazon Kindle:

USA/Canada -  Freddie Fuggins Comes Alive

UK - Freddie Fuggins Comes Alive

Germany - Freddie Fuggins Comes Alive

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